2017 Rose Academy Graduates Awarded Scholarships

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(Tucson, AZ – June 2, 2017) – The Rose Academies honor 2017 graduates with scholarships to continue their post-secondary education and career goals.

Everardo Ortiz Pesquiera (Desert Rose Academy) is recipient of the Antoinette and Michael J. Starace Scholarship for pursuing a military career after graduation. Despite being behind on credits, Everardo diligently worked through coursework to graduate and plans service to his country as a Marine.

Aaron Blackwell (Canyon Rose Academy) receives the Leona and Mark Kinghorn Scholarship for overcoming great hardship to graduate high school. Aaron persisted in overcoming severe life challenges including disruption, instability, uncertainty, and loss to earn his high school degree as a smart, articulate young man with a smile. He is very motivated to attend Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma and study political science.

Arely Moreno Garcia (Pima Rose Academy) earns the Doris Weaver Schlessman Scholarship for a graduate who plans a career in teaching or service to others. Arely displays a love of learning, positive attitude, strong work ethic, and high quality work. She generously took time to explain difficult math concepts to her peers. She plans to attend the University of Arizona and become an elementary school teacher.

Kadin Elias (Canyon Rose Academy); Michael Chaira (Desert Rose Academy); Atalanta Tivnan, Elliott Groce, Dianna Edwards (Mountain Rose Academy) and Jasmine Castillo, Tori Francois, Merissa Garcia, Sierra Hernandez, Brittany Murphy, Kaleb Walker (Pima Rose Academy) receive the Pima Merit Scholarships. Pima Community College grants these scholarships to well-rounded students who have graduated in the top five percent of their class. The Pima Merit Scholarship provides qualifying high school graduates four consecutive semesters of full time tuition. While this scholarship would be a great benefit to any student, for students who have endured financial hardships that would otherwise prevent them from attending college, it delivers the opportunity of a lifetime. The two full years of tuition offered by this scholarship provides them with the foundation to a successful future.

For more information contact the Rose Management Group.

Phone: 520-797-4884

Address: 3686 W. Orange Grove Ste. 192 Tucson, AZ 85741

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For more information contact the Rose Management Group.

Phone: 520-797-4884

Address: 3686 W. Orange Grove Ste. 192 Tucson, AZ 85741

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