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ROSE Cohort & Graduation Requirements

  • For ALL students, there are two Arizona State requirements for a High School Diploma:
    • Completion of the state required cohort credit requirements AND
    • Passing the three sections of the AIMS Test (Math, Writing, and Reading).
  • Graduation requirements established by the Arizona State Board Education are based on the student's actual graduation year and not the student's cohort. The year a student is expected to graduate determines which cohort graduation requirement's must be met.
  The Rose Academy
  Credits needed for graduation for the class of 2013    
English 4 credits    

4 credits*

*Math courses shall consist of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (or its equivalent) and an additional course with significant math content as determined by district governing boards or charter schools.

Science 3 credits    
Social Studies/History

3 credits**

**Social Studies shall consist of 1.0 credit of American History, 1.0 credit of World History/Geography, one-half (.50) credit of Government and one-half credit (.50) of Economics.

CTE (Computer Technology) or Fine Arts 1 credit    
Electives 7 credits    
TOTAL 22 credits    


This document is a summary of Arizona's minimum course of study. Please refer to A.A.C. R7-2-302, R7-2-302.01 and R7-2-302.02 to view the complete requirements. These rules can be accessed through the Secretary of State's website at:

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