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Bully, Intimidation, Harassment and Hazing Reporting Form

This form is confidentially maintained in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C 1232g. Bully, Harassment & Intimidation as defined by Arizona State Statute (A.R.S.) §15-341(40) Hazing as defined by Arizona State Statute (A.R.S.) §15-2301

Knowingly submitting a false report will result in disciplinary action.

Directions: Bullying, intimidation, harassment and/or hazing are not acceptable. Please complete this form to report alleged bullying, intimidation, harassment and/or hazing and return it to the school administration office. Please contact the school for additional information or assistance at any time. Please be informed that any anonymous, unsigned form may make it impossible to prove any allegations.

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