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Registration for High School 2020 in Tucson

Registration for High School in 2020

How do I register my student for high school

Are you ready to register for high school 2020 in Tucson? Whether your student is going to high school for the first time, changing schools or moving from out of town, the registration process is simple. To register your student, you will need to fill out an enrollment packet and provide proof of Arizona residency. 

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Students completed registration of high school in 2020 sitting in a class.

What do I need to register my student for high school?

In order to register your student for high school at Rose Academies you will need the following documentation:

Prior to Enrollment:

  • Completed Enrollment Packet
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Guardianship (only for situations defined outside of student’s Birth Certificate)

Documents You Will Complete in Your Enrollment Packet:

  • Contact Form
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form
  • Student & Parent Handbook/Discipline Procedures Acknowledgements & Verifications
  • Consent for Health Instruction & Permission for Pictures and Opinion Polls
  • Medical Authorization Form
  • No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Eligibility Form

After Enrollment:

  • Withdrawal Slip from last school attended
  • Birth Certificate (or reliable proof of your student’s identity and age)
  • Official Transcripts
  • Immunizations (Shot records or exemption documentation)
  • If Applicable: Most Recent IEP or 504 documentation

*We are happy to help by sending a records request if needed

Once you have collected the required documentation and registered your student using our online registration portal, you can upload the required documents into SchoolMint. 

If you have already attended Rose Academies and need to Re-Enroll click here for the Rose Academies Re-Enrollment Form for 2020-2021!

What documents can I use for proof of residency?

In order to register your student for high school in 2020 you will need one of the following to prove your residency:

  • Valid Arizona driver’s license, Arizona identification card or motor vehicle registration
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • Real estate deed or mortgage documents
  • Property tax bill
  • Residential lease or rental agreement
  • Water, electric, gas, cable or phone bill
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • W-2 wage statement
  • Payroll stub
  • Certificate of tribal enrollment or other identification issued by a recognized Indian tribe that contains an Arizona address
  • Documentation from a state, tribal or federal government agency (Social Security Administration, Veteran’s administration, Arizona Department of Economic Security)
  • A signed affidavit establishing residence

If you are ready to register for high school 2020 in Tucson consider attending one of the five Rose Academy schools! Click here to learn more about our schools! Give us a call today at 520-797-4884 or visit the enrollment page to get started!

People Also Ask

  • Can a student enroll themselves in high school?

    A student can enroll themselves in high school if the student is 18 years or older or if the students is living on their own. Otherwise a parent or guardian is required to provide the necessary documentation and enroll the student in high school. If you have any questions about this process or your specific circumstances give Rose Academies a call at 520-797-4884!

  • Can I enroll myself in high school if I’m 18?

    Yes, you can enroll yourself in high school if you are 18 years of age and can provide the necessary documentation needed to register for your new school. For more information about this process and our flexible school hours give Rose Academies a call at 520-797-4884 or check out our online enrollment system!

Best Charter Schools in Tucson for High School

Best Charter Schools in Tucson for High School

Are you looking for the best charter schools in Tucson for your high school student? Choosing a Charter School in Tucson that is the perfect fit can help foster a better learning environment and encourage academic excellence.

Rose Academies are the best premier, non-traditional charter schools in Tucson. They put your students’ needs first using a combination of self-paced, individualized courses and a team of onsite, supportive teachers who care. Each of the Rose Charter schools helps your student meet their goals, every time.

Best Charter Schools in TucsonLocationGrade
1. Canyon RoseGolf Links and Wilmot

9th – 12th

2. Canyon Rose EastTanque Verde and Bear Canyon

9th – 12th

3. Desert RoseOracle and Fort Lowell

9th – 12th

4. Mountain RoseThornydale and Orange Grove

9th – 12th

5. Pima RoseIrvington and Midvale

9th – 12th

Why Rose Academies are the Best Charter Schools in Tucson

The Rose Academies are the Best Charter Schools in Tucson because they separate themselves from standard educational programs like traditional public schooling. 

Their curriculum and ideologies, while meeting Arizona state standards, are meant to keep students wanting to learn rather than feeling like they are being forced to learn. Their program puts emphasis on signature programs that are designed to help students discover who they are and who they want to become. They challenge students to discover their individual dreams and encourage the success of their own vision.

With this in mind, they believe that their processes help students feel passionate in their education in ways that traditional schools and districts cannot offer.

Read more about the 5 Best Charter Schools in Tucson for High School Students:

  1. Canyon Rose Charter School

Canyon Rose Charter School is one of the best charter schools in Tucson, Arizona for high school students. Led by Principal Destiny Grant and Assistant Principal Shane Strand, Canyon Rose Academy has been providing an alternative education setting in order to meet the unique demands of their high school students for over 15 years. 

  1. Canyon Rose East Charter School

Canyon Rose Academies East is another premier alternative charter school in Tucson, Arizona designed for high school students. Principal Lisa Corkill and her skilled staff work together with students to equip them with strategies and techniques to take control of their educational future. 

  1. Desert Rose Charter School

Desert Rose Charter school has been serving the Tucson area and its high school students for over 20 years. Located at Oracle and Fort Lowell, Desert Rose Academy is led by Principal Richard Connet and Assistant Principal Rick Ellis. 

  1. Mountain Rose Charter School

Located at Thornydale and Orange Grove, Mountain Rose Charter School has served Tucson for over 20 years helping over 1300 students graduate with their high school diploma. Principal Christopher Golston and Assistant Principal Gabriel Wong take pride in building relationships with students and setting them up for success. 

  1. Pima Rose Charter School

Pima Rose Charter School, led by Principal Jennifer Haley and Assistant Principal Louis Robles has been helping students learn strategies and techniques giving students control of their educational future.

While you have many options when it comes to choosing the best charter school in the Tucson area, Rose Academies offers the most options to meet your needs. With 5 locations spread across Tucson, and a group of educators who are invested in the growth of their students – we believe the investment made in education today will pay interest over a lifetime. 

Contact Rose Academies today at 520-797-4884 or visit their enrollment page to get more information about how to enroll your student in high school at the best charter schools in Tucson!

Rose Academies

People Also Ask

  • What is the purpose of charter schools?

    The purpose of charter schools is to give families an alternate choice of public tuition-free schools that they can choose to send their students to instead of traditional public or private schools. Charter schools are granted more flexibility in how they are operated, but they are still held to high standards of performance. 

  • Why are charter schools better than public schools?

    Charter schools are better than public schools because they provide students and their families with more options regarding where to attend school and what type of schooling is provided.