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Charter Schools in Tucson

Did you know that Tucson has one of the highest percentages of charter schools compared to traditional public schools in the nation? It’s true: over one in five schools in Tucson are charter schools. This means that Tucson students have greater choice in finding the educational institution that will be the best match for their individual needs and styles.

Charter schools differ from traditional public schools in the rules and regulations governing the structure and design, which allows charter schools additional freedom for variety. As a result, charter schools are much more diverse in terms of their educational focus and type. For example, some types of charter schools follow an online format while others operate from a hybrid of online and in-person. Stylistically, charter schools have a variety of forms as well, with some being highly structured and strict, and others focusing on experiential, project-based learning, for example.

Charter school in Tucson classroom with students learning.

Choosing a charter school in Tucson can help students find the school that is the best match for their individual preferences and educational goals. Arizona has the second highest number of charter schools in the nation, so students here have greater choice in finding type of school that’s right for them. Improve learning and academic excellence by attending a charter school near you.

Choosing a School In Tucson

While you have many options when it comes to choosing a charter school in the Tucson area, none offer the unique opportunities and specialized approach to meet students’ needs like Rose Academies. Designed to meet the diverse needs of students with a range of educational and professional ambitions, Rose is Tucson’s top choice for flexible education of the highest standard.

Rose Academies offers a specialized, student-centered approach with numerous unique features. Small school size, one-on-one student instruction, individualized course schedules, self-paced curriculum plans, and three different daily class sessions are some of the many benefits offered through Rose’s one-of-a-kind schools. And all of these benefits are available with no tuition costs, no fees, and minimal supplies required.

Rose Academies’ five locations spread across Tucson showcase a qualified, dedicated faculty of educators who are invested in the growth of their students. At Rose, we know that the investment made in education today pays dividends over a lifetime.

Is Rose Academies Part of a School District?

When the Rose Academies set out to create educational institutions in Tucson, we decided that we wanted to separate ourselves from standard educational programs like traditional public schooling. 

Our policies, curriculum and ideologies, while meeting Arizona state standards, are meant to keep students wanting to learn rather than feeling like they are being forced to learn. Our entire program emphasizes signature programs designed to help students discover who they are and who they want to become. Our student-centered approach highlights the dreams, talents, and aspirations of the student to encourage the success of their own vision, rather than attempt to instill one.

With this in mind, we believe that our processes help students feel passionate in their education in ways that traditional schools and school districts cannot. With performance ratings of A or B for each of our five locations, we are proud of our students’ excellent performance on standardized testing, consistently high graduate rates, and their success in pursuing college and careers after graduation.

Pros and Cons of Attending Charter Schools in Tucson

Pros of the Rose Academies Model:

  • Smaller school sizes of about 150 students
  • One-on-one educator instruction
  • Individualized course scheduling
  • 3 session times to choose from: 7am-12pm, 12pm-5pm, and 5pm-10pm (Canyon East EVE 3pm-8pm)
  • Four-day school week
  • Simplified school format with one point of contact
  • No bells or passing periods
  • No fees, minimal supplies
  • Accessible teachers who actively help and guide
  • Personalized graduation plan
  • Self-paced option but not self-taught
  • Students can accelerate their learning when motivated and able
  • Blended learning environment
  • Signature Programs guide students in self-discovery and help them become college and career ready
  • Dual enrollment at University and Community college available
  • Accredited and curriculum aligned with Arizona State Standards

Cons of the Rose Academies charter school Model:

  • Not a traditional school model. At Rose, you won’t be moving from class to class, gossiping at the lockers, and attending pep-rallies. The Rose model prioritizes students’ time and their personal ambitions. We are here to get students the top-quality education they deserve, without  the drama.
  • Sports, band, and other extracurricular activities are not the emphasis at Rose. We empower students to pursue their dreams with our unique approach. We save students’ valuable time so they can focus their energy on what matters most for them.
  • Different learning emphasis. For students who enjoy in-class lectures from the instructor to the students, Rose may not be for you. Rose uses the hybrid model with course work clearly laid out digitally for students to complete during the school day on campus. Our teachers work with students one-on-one, in-person to help them complete assignments, learn new material, and tackle projects.


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Many students prefer the traditional high school model. However, for those students who want something different–a school that listens to them and prioritizes their time and individual ambitions above the cookie cutter standard model, Rose Academies is the perfect fit. Take control of your academic success today for the benefit of your future tomorrow.