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What’s the Difference Between Charter and Private Schools?

There sometimes is confusion concerning the definition of a charter school when compared with a private school. The two do share some things in common. For example, both create their own curricular programs and are not bound by the same mandates as traditional public schools. 

However, the main difference is that charter schools are free and open to all students, as they are funded through the government. Private schools, on the other hand, do not accept public funding and instead charge tuition for attendance.

The difference between charter and private schools is that charter schools are free and open to all students.

The Main Differences

Charter schools are public schools independent of school districts

  • Charter schools are available for all children and do not require entrance exams.
  • Charter schools create their own “charter” which lays out how the school will educate their students and be held accountable for learning. 
  • Charter schools are free to attend since they are government funded like traditional public schools.

Private schools are independent of government affiliation and funding 

  • Private schools charge tuition for attendance and are able to select which students can attend.
  • Admission and acceptance is often a more thorough process for selecting students.
  • Private schools adhere to basic state guidelines, but have autonomy in educational approaches. 

The Bottom Line

Charter schools are similar to private schools because charters have more independence in creating the school model compared with traditional public schools. Since their inception about 30 years ago, charter schools have grown exponentially in the United States. In many ways, charter schools fill the gap between traditional public schools and private schools.

This is because charter schools offer a unique, high-quality alternative to the traditional public school model, but for free. Charter schools offer a wide range of educational styles and emphases. Private schools also have a diverse range of focuses and formats, but they are run on the tuition costs from the students themselves.

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