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Our Mission

The Rose Academies, as alternative high schools providing credit recovery for students in poor academic standing, will “Honor the Promise of Education” by

  • Training students in the fundamental skills needed to graduate high school, transition into continuing education or college, and explore career choices
  • Expanding how students learn how to think.
  • Creating life options/opportunities for each graduate.

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The Charter Schools Tucson students love and trust!

As the charter school Tucson students love, and by working together and staying connected, the Rose Academies plan to provide a quality educational experience for our students. We are proud to serve students in the Tucson community during these unprecedented times.

The Trusted Charter High School in Tucson, AZ

Honor the Promise of Education®

R.O.S.E™ Academies is the premier, non-traditional charter school Tucson trusts and this puts your students’ needs first. With self-paced courses and a team of onsite, supportive teachers who care, we help you win and meet your goals, every time.

Unlike traditional high schools, a charter school focuses on the individualized experience and helps you as a student thrive in ways traditional education systems cannot cater to, due to their sheer size.

An Investment In Education Will Pay Interest Over a Lifetime

Ever wondered what you could be in the future, or even more so how to get there? it all starts with education. No matter what age or where you are in life, this is what shapes us from what we currently are, into what we will become. At ROSE charter school Tucson, not only do we help guide that the path, but we help you discover all your capabilities along the way.

Because of this, we have never been more proud than we are to be a part of the successful education of charter school Tucson students have had over the years. Our unique approach allows students to take control of their academic success today, for the benefit of their futures tomorrow!

ROSE, The Leading Charter School Tucson Trusts

Graduate of Rose Academies Charter High School Tucson

What makes ROSE Charter School Tucson different?

To separate our charter school from traditional education we focus on what high school students want; a small, friendly environment that puts an emphasis on personalized needs. Because of that, all of our teachers are caring guides who work with your kids students on an individualized basis, in engaging classrooms, to help them meet and exceed all of their goals.

Beyond being a Charter School Tucson can trust, ROSE Academies help provide continued success after high school for young adults. Our Rose Personal Progress Planners can help students set and achieve post-graduation goals on a continued basis, long after they have left our campuses.

Come experience the difference at a ROSE Academy Charter High School in Tucson.

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