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Rose Management Group

Rose Management Group is an education management organization (EMO) located in Tucson, Arizona. Rose Management Group, as an EMO, helps oversee the Rose Academies, a group of alternative charter high schools with several locations in the city. To learn more call us at 520-797-4884.

What We Do

High School Education

RMG works with each Rose Academy to implement the Rose Operating System for Education®.  R.O.S.E.®  teaches the fundamental skills needed to graduate high school while preparing young people to transition to postsecondary education, often college, and explore career options. A R.O.S.E.® education expands how people learn to think with signature programs like the Art of Learning and forms teaching How to Learn, H2L®.  A R.O.S.E.® education creates life opportunities for each graduate.  R.O.S.E.® can be used to enhance existing curricula, especially ones offered digitally.

A Rose Academy offers students a flexible schedule to accommodate a work-life balance.  Rose offers a small school environment where each student is known, valued, and successful.  Rose personalizes each student’s Graduation Plan, and that method of planning applies to life outside of school.  Rose provides learning strategies and an individualized curriculum. Rose blends learning and offers students one-on-one, small group, and online instruction.  Rose is proud of its unique signature program designed for students to discover who they are, test their future dreams, learn to plan, and express themselves.  This Art of Learning produces students who are college/postsecondary education and career/workforce ready.

Business of Schooling

R.O.S.E.® has a well-developed, effective, and proven business model.  Rose Management Group provides services including all aspects of employment and human resources such as recruitment, onboarding, payroll; maintenance; and technology for the schools. 

RMG has created several innovative business practices by incorporating a systemic approach to education that is comprehensive in scope and depth. Its three points of focus are:

  • “what” people do;
  • “how” things are organized into systems that hold everything in place; the systems that organize the culture, personnel, programs, and financial resources; and the organization’s purpose - its mission, vision, goals; and
  • the “why” that sits behind, above, below, and underpins why we do what we do.

These three points of focus result in innovations in how we:

  • approach the business of schooling.
  • strategically allocate financial resources for instructional delivery.
  • reinvest our profit in people and a learning community.
  • stabilize our future for all employees through a successful succession.

Outcomes have included cost savings, increased enrollment, innovative student and professional development programs, and organizational stability.

RMG’s systemic approach to high schools demonstrates cost-savings. RMG’s business of schooling utilizes financial resources with more efficiency. RMG handles many compliance items that take time away from instruction and learning in traditional settings such as financial matters from budgeting to purchasing and student services.  RMG operates without federal funds, but due to its proven approach reinvests heavily in people and development programs.  Such unheard of investments in people and development programs stabilize the organization.

R.O.S.E.® products and services are scalable and applicable in various school and business applications


At Rose, people are WORTH it. We Want to grow, we are not afraid to be vulnerable, fail, and try again. We are fearless. We want to work and support one another, and we’re not afraid to ask questions. We Own the good, the bad, and the ugly. We have pride in and take personal ownership for the reputation of Rose. We are accountable for our facilities, our talented coworkers, our alternative education program, and our student-customers. We get things done, and we are all about the Results. We follow through, we stay connected with our coworkers, and we never become anonymous. We Think systemically. We identify, discuss, and solve problems both individually and collaboratively by using the R.O.S.E.® Diamond and the three levels of what-how-why. Lastly, we Help one another. We have a can-do attitude to help identify, discuss, and solve problems. We are ideal team players!

Graduates to Date: 3330

We believe our success lies in our ability to Honor the Promise of Education. If you would like to take control of your educational future come see what the Rose Academies are all about.

For more information, please visit one of our five campuses or contact us. Welcome to Rose!

Dr. Kelly Hurtado, CEO

Meet The Team

Dr. Eugene & Catherine Kinghorn

Dr. Kelly Hurtado

Director of Business & Finance
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