Rose Operating System for Education®: Transforming Schools

The R.O.S.E.® Management Group has created an innovative approach to learning with its Rose Operating System for Education® programs.. The R.O.S.E.® operating system is a systemic method to transform education and the business of schooling. The R.O.S.E.® operating system utilizes a distinct method for How to Learn, H2L® . R.O.S.E.® Management Group has been serving the Tucson community for twenty years through five independent charter schools. The R.O.S.E.® Management Group provides curriculum support and innovations, professional development to all staff, as well as a proven and solid business model that supports schools.

R.O.S.E.® Management Group professionals are active individuals and leaders within local, state, national, and international communities. R.O.S.E.® presentations, programs and publications illustrate innovative contributions to education’s knowledgebase and best practices.

R.O.S.E.® How to Learn (H2L®) mini “think-tanks” include:

  • A personalized intelligence pre/post quiz
  • Job-embedded inquiry into abstractions, the building blocks of intelligence
  • A straightforward model to use for all intelligent activity including emotional & multiple intelligences
  • Systemic Transformation: Quality Choice within 21st Century American High Schools

Schedule a workshop or a Professional Development session for your business, organization, or school. The session can be customized to your job-embedded needs – whether teaching reading, encouraging innovation in your work place, or generally improving your intelligence.

Cost runs between $3,000 – $5,000 per four hour session for 10 participants. We can customize this mini “think-tank” to meet your needs.

Other Rose Management System for Education® Workshops, Materials, and Software include:

  • R.O.S.E® Teaching and Learning Techniques and Methodology
  • Rose Management System for Education® Creative Intelligence: Abstractions

For further information, contact R.O.S.E® Management Group at 520-797-4884 (opt. 1).