How to be an A Student

At the Rose Academies, we understand that you have a life outside of school and want you to be able to cultivate success in every area of your life. If straight As is one of your goals, we want you to understand that it is possible to enjoy life now while still earning a stellar report card to afford you more opportunities to enjoy life in the future. To help you along the way, we’re offering the following sure-fire tips on how to be an A student.

Be Organized

Can’t find last week’s bio notes when it comes time to study for your upcoming quiz? Not sure where you put that study guide for your history class? Staying organized can help you to avoid these pitfalls and unneeded stress when it comes time to prepare. Not to mention missing homework assignments! There’s nothing worse than having put the time and effort into an assignment and then being unable to find it when it comes time to turn it in. Don’t let the bottom of your backpack become a graveyard of assignment’s past. Consider a large, three-ring binder divided up by subject, dedicated folders for each class, or a file-folder system. Then, get in the habit of actually using it so you always know where to find the information you need.

Have a Plan

It’s never fun to wait till the last minute to start studying or working on an assignment and it often produces subpar results. To avoid falling into the pitfalls of procrastination, it’s important to always have a plan. Keep track of key dates, upcoming tests, and project deadlines in a planner and consider writing in reminders along the way. For example, rather than just writing “ALGEBRA II MIDTERM” on the exam date that you won’t see until you flip to that week two months from now, write “algebra II midterm in two weeks!” or “algebra II midterm next Wednesday!” on the appropriate dates to keep the upcoming exam fresh in your mind and to give yourself more reminders to start preparing.

Don’t Cram

Speaking of being prepared, utilize your planner, and then actually start putting in the work overtime rather than putting it off. All the organization and planning in the world will only be useful if you also take action. Cramming has consistently been shown to cause unneeded stress and produce worse outcomes than proper preparation spread out over time. There are no gold stars for pulling an all-nighter – and probably no straight As either! Avoid cramming by sticking to your plan and putting in smaller amounts of work overtime to achieve more sleep and better results.

Take care of Yourself

Limit sick days and ensure your brain is in full working order by taking care of your physical health. Do your best to get the rest you need, eat full meals, move your body, and take breaks. There’s no use in achieving your goals if you have to burn yourself out to get there. Missing class makes earning straight As more difficult, and running your body into the ground with late-night cram sessions is a quick way to rack up sick days. Even during study hours, it’s important to take breaks and minimize stress.

Consider taking a walk around the block before the start of each study block, watching a short, uplifting YouTube video when switching subjects, eating a snack, stretching, or even just taking a few deep breaths to keep yourself feeling refreshed, focused, and healthy.

With Rose Academies You’ll learn how to be an A student

Here at the Rose Academies, we are dedicated to your success in every aspect of your life. We are here to provide you with the support and resources you need to achieve your goals, as well as the flexibility to achieve them on your time. Being an A student is possible and we’re happy to show you how. Learn more and enroll today by visiting Go2Rose website.

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