is remote learning bad

Is Remote Learning Bad?: Effects on High School Students

Like it, many students have been forced to become remote learning experts in recent years. Criticisms of remote learning include it being confusing, prone to technical issues, and just downright boring compared to being in a traditional classroom, but many students found upsides as well. Ease of teacher communication, a more self-paced learning environment, and less time wasted between passing periods and study halls were often reported as positives in the new learning environment. So, is remote learning all that bad after all?

Many remote lessons were procured in advance, allowing students to pause, go back, and generally move through the material at their own pace. A student could more easily take breaks when needed while simultaneously not being required to waste time with passing periods or lunch hours. Many students enjoyed the autonomy over their own school schedules that remote learning provided. Rose Academies allows you to move online and in person at your pace.

Alternatively, the isolation and difficulty focusing that often accompanied learn-from-home life were not so well-received. Students missed face-to-face peer and teacher interaction. Raising your hand to clarify a point in a lesson became a thing of the past. Signing into online classes without actually being “there” for the class or letting it run in the background became a daily occurrence, and without much accountability, many students fell behind. 

We prefer to offer the best of both worlds at the Rose Academies. Students come to school in person but have a dedicated computer workstation. Students choose from three session times throughout the day, from 7 am-12 pm, 12 pm-5 pm, or 5 pm-10 pm, without required passing periods or study halls. Students’ work is self-paced but not self-taught, with online and person-to-person communication with instructors.

Retain the flexible, self-paced nature of remote learning while enjoying the ease of communication and a focused, dedicated learning environment at the Rose Academies. Visit our website to learn more and enroll today