Rose Academy’s Signature Learning Program: Shu-Ha-Ri-DŌ

Shu Ha Ri

What is the Shu-Ha-Ri-DŌ Program?

The “Art of Learning: Shu-Ha-Ri-DŌ” is a Rose Academies signature program. This unique program is designed for students to be able to: discover who they are and test their future dreams, learn how to plan, and express and advocate for themselves. Students investigate their dream career and what is needed in terms of skills, education, salaries, and living locations best suited for that job market. The program’s primary objective is to engage students through a fun and exciting ‘game-like’ format enabling them to learn how to plan, be successful in school, and dream about their future.
Shu Ha Ri

Credit Opportunities

  • SHU Phase
    CTE 1.0 credit

  • HA Phase
    CTE 1.0 credit

  • HA Business
    CTE 0.5 credit

  • HA-Nopoly
    CTE 0.5 credit

  • Ri Phase
    CTE 1.0 credit

  • RI Sempai
    CTE 0.5 credit

  • RI Sensei
    CTE 0.5 credit

  • DŌ Phase
    CTE 0.5 credit

What does the Shu-Ha-Ri- Program offer students?

  • Self-Assessments
  • Planning
  • Self-Advocating and Expression
  • Learning How to Learn (H2L®)
  • Economy Game
  • Student Leadership
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Course Activity Substitutions*
“The Shu-Ha-Ri Program really helped me become confident to speak in front of others and plan for my life after high school.”
Monique D. (RI Phase Student)

*Students can substitute content course activities for work they have completed in each of the program’s phases!

Shu Ha Ri

Student delivers a presentation for the SHU Phase.

How do the phases work?

SHU Phase

The SHU Phase trains the Shu-Ha-Ri student in how to plan and complete their goals, express and advocate for themselves, and discover who they are while testing their dream.

HA Phase

The HA Phase expands the student’s thinking by providing a proven framework – the “HA Kata”- which trains the student to master how to recognize and use three levels of thought as a method to analyze, synthesize, and stylize their thinking for any academic, social, and life situation.

RI Phase

The RI Phase cultivates leadership and develops the student to become mentors to their fellow peers. This phase also guides and supports the student to make concrete steps to what they will do after high school.

DŌ Phase

The DŌ Phase provides the finishing touch in the student’s high school education. DŌ focuses on the lifelong skill to develop one’s own character to be a positive and productive member of their family and society.

Mastery of the Shu-Ha-Ri-DŌ Program results in personal awareness and confidence, intellectual prowess, and concrete steps to begin life after high school.

Mastery of the Shu-Ha-Ri- Program results in personal awareness and confidence, intellectual prowess, and concrete steps to begin life after high school.

Why are students successful?

Shu Ha Ri

Phases of the Shu-Ha-Ri Program

Students enrolled in the Shu-Ha-Ri Program earn (on average) over 2 credits more per semester compared to their peers.

Our schools have seen average student attendance increase by over 30% once they become engaged in our program.

Shu Ha Ri
Student Feedback
From Presentations
The Shu-Ha-Ri Program has made me feel very proud and secure of myself; I know who I am and what I want to strive for. It is a lot of hard work, but it has paid off.
CRA HA Student
I will use all of the skills I have acquired in this program inside and outside of school.
PRA SHU Student
The SHU phase has helped me learn about how I want to live my life and how to budget, and the HA phase helped me expand my thinking and gave me more options for what I want to do with my future.
CRA HA Student
I have been in the Shu-Ha-Ri Program for two years now, and it has helped me realize what it takes to become successful. I have learned how to plan and figure out where I want to be in life.
This is why you should finish this [program] because it can help you in school now and in the future.
MRA RI Student

Parent Feedback
From Surveys
I’m so happy to see my daughter gain so much confidence with speaking in front of others and her own learning.
CRA Parent
My daughter is finally excited about her life after graduating high school.
DRA Parent
It is an amazing program that helps them prepare for their life. It should be a part of all students’ graduation requirements!
PRA Parent
I know my son now has a clear vision for his future and a plan to get there.
CRAE Parent
The Shu-Ha-Ri is like taking a college level course and really helps my son think about his post-high school plans.
MRA Parent
Gracias por todo estoy muy contenta.
Thank you for everything; I am very happy (with the program).
PRA Parent
Shu Ha Ri