IMPORTANT Enrollment Policies:

  1. Students can only enroll in one of the ROSE Academies Summer Schools (one campus only).
  2. Students can enroll in only one math class at a time. Once the first math class is complete, student must speak with Principal for next math or other class.
  3. Students can earn up to 1.0 credit during Summer School.

ATTENDANCE-ONLY ONE ABSENCE MAY OCCUR DURING SUMMER SCHOOL. Unexcused absences will not be allowed. The student must present a written note to be allowed back into summer school. A student may be dropped on the first absence, receiving no credit. Students will be on time to class. More than 3 tardies may result in dismissal from summer school.

DISCIPLINE – As a parent of a Rose Academy student, your student has the right to a quality education. To ensure every student enjoys that right, the Rose Academies have established procedures regarding disruptive behavior. The procedures for student behavior are designed to ensure a safe environment for students and staff members. The Rose Academies have severe consequences for drugs, weapons or threatening

DRESS CODE – Any attire that detracts from the learning environment is not acceptable. Students should dress in a manner that takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health and welfare of self and others.

TOBACCO – State law forbids anyone to have possession of tobacco and related items on their person on school property. State law also prohibits smoking by anyone under the age of 21. In compliance with Arizona State Law, the Rose Academies do not permit any student, regardless of age, to have any smoking or smokeless tobacco materials and/or tobacco paraphernalia on the school campus at any time.

MEDICATION – The Rose Academies do not store prescriptions or over-the-counter medications at the school. We request that parents/student make arrangements to take prescription medications/over-the-counter medications either prior to or after their school session. Please see the school principal if there are extenuating circumstances or a medical condition exists that must be accommodated. Unless specifically authorized by a doctor and all proper school paperwork are correctly turned in, students are not to be in possession of any over the counter or prescription medication.

COMPUTER USAGE – The goal of the Rose Academies in providing access to the Internet, and the computer system, is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation and communication. Use of the information system is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. Administration will determine what appropriate use is. Their decision will be final. Students violating the use of Rose Academies local network will be immediately withdrawn from summer school.

TRANSPORTATION – Transportation will be the responsibility of the student and/or parents/legal guardians and will not be provided by the Rose Academies. Parking for the school is provided in the general parking lot. Parking in front of local shops is not permitted as these are specifically assigned for the use of those stores. Driving and parking a motor vehicle (including motorcycles and motor scooters) on the campus is a privilege.

GRADES – The teacher determines whether a student has successfully completed a course. The teacher will base her/his decision upon the evidence that a student has mastered all of the objectives identified in the Rose Curriculum materials required for the course. Evaluation methods employed include teacher observations of student performance, written tests, curriculum guide assessments, AzMerit rubric scorings, and course exams prepared/authored/selected from OdysseyWare. Students will receive a “Credit Award Form” for every course in which they have completed and received credit. It is important for the student to keep this slip for future reference in order to address any discrepancy that may arise regarding the student’s credit completion at the Rose Academies. A transcript of earned credit will be sent electronically to the student’s school of choice. The Rose Academies make no guarantee/warranty, explicit or implied, that credit for coursework completed during the summer session will transfer to the student’s regular school, if different from our Rose Academy schools. Parents and/or students are strongly encouraged to contact their academic advisor at their primary school to ensure that courses will transfer as desired. To receive credit for work completed during Summer School, all coursework must be completed and turned in by June 26, 2020.

SUMMER SCHOOL PENDING GRADUATES – Summer school is an opportunity for students to accelerate their education; however, students are not eligible to graduate during summer school.