Tips on How to Be Successful in Online Classes

Student Taking Online Classes

Whether you’re participating in online classes by choice or not, there are a few ways to help ensure your academic performance stays on track. At the Rose Academies, we have been perfecting the blended learning model, including online learning, for years, and have readily adapted to meet the needs presented by COVID-19. Below are our top tips for making learning via online classes more engaging and a sure success.

Treat Online Classes like an In-Person Class

It can be tempting to roll over in bed, log in to your class, and tune out while still in your pajamas, but that’s no set up for success. Instead, treat your online class the same as you would for attending class in person. Get up and ready for the day to arrive at your desk during the class’s designated time, on time. This is not only respectful of your instructors, but it tells your brain it’s time to learn, rather than escape back into dreamland. 

Use the Resources Your Teacher Provides

Familiarize yourself with the class schedule and check back to it regularly to ensure you’re staying on track and not missing any sneaky deadlines. It can be difficult to remember the dates assignments are due when you’re not being reminded in class by a teacher or fellow students. On the same note, be sure to ask any questions you have and stay in the loop of what’s expected of you.

Have a Dedicated Study Space for Online Classes

No more attending class from bed! Like getting ready in the morning, having a dedicated study space instructs your mind and body that it’s time to learn. If you don’t have a desk, a kitchen counter or certain corner of a table works just as well. Importantly, avoid falling into the pitfall of doing class in the spaces of your home that are usually designated for rest, like your bed or the couch.

Take Good Notes

Take Notes

Taking notes is a good way to ensure you don’t zone out during instruction. Especially if you’re participating in a class where you’re not on video, it can be tempting to disengage and pick up your phone to scroll rather than pay attention. Taking notes keeps your hands off of your devices and your mind on the subject at hand.

Check Your E-mail Regularly

Staying in the know can prove more of a challenge when you don’t have the chance to communicate with your instructors in person, but many of them will share valuable information in regular e-mails – so get in the habit of checking them. This also provides another way for you to reach out to your teachers and get the feedback you need.

We know this is a different form of learning than you may be used to, but at the Rose Academies, we’re here to offer the support you need to learn and grow through whichever learning option you choose. For more information on the Rose Academy approach to blended learning, please continue exploring our website at