Experience the ROSE Difference

Tucson High School | Experience The Rose Difference

Rose academies sets itself apart from other schools in Tucson by not following the traditional standards set by others. With our smaller sized class groups of about 150 students in one main classroom, we are able give direct and meaningful attention to each individual student and help accelerate their learning process. Most traditional Tucson high schools teach students as a large group, which can cause problems for some students who need a little more one on one instruction. At Rose Academies, the smaller class groups allow students to have more one-on-one interaction with the teachers, helping them to take in the material they are learning and apply it into their everyday life.

Tucson High School – Experience the Difference at Rose

Along with large class groups, traditional Tucson high schools have set schedules 5 days a week that can make it harder for some to attend due to certain life circumstances. Rose Academies strives to make learning easy and accessible for everyone by providing flexible scheduling options, with multiple session times to choose from. This allows a working student to be able to support themselves while also attending school to get an education.

Attending the Rose Academies couldn’t be easier with no fees, and minimal supplies required by the students. Without the need to pay fees, buy books, computers, and additional supplies, students are freed up financially without having to worry and stress about affording education.


To recap, here are all of the benefits of attending our Tucson high school, Rose Academies:

  • Small class sizes
  • One main classroom
  • Everyone knows your name
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Your course schedule is built with you
  • Self-Paced but not self-taught
  • Flexible Sessions throughout the day
  • Single point of contact
  • No bells, no passing periods
  • No fees, minimal supplies

Attend the Rose Academies Tucson high schools today and learn why many are making the switch to Rose today!

Tucson High School student from Rose Academies