What Makes a Student Successful?

Wondering what makes a student successful? Chances are, you can conjure up a clear picture in your mind of what the ideal student looks like: on time, always prepared, engaged in learning, and earning effortless As. What’s their secret? Are they just naturally more gifted? Or is it that they’ve cracked the code to academic prosperity and have learned to implement strategies that make success a habit? We think it’s the latter, which is why we’re covering the top tips for cultivating student success today and far into your academic future.

Show Up

This sounds simple enough. Show up, pay attention, and you’ve already set yourself up to perform well. However, as you gain more autonomy in your academics it can be easy to want to hit the snooze or skip out after lunchtime before your dreaded algebra class. Don’t fall victim to thinking skipping class will be inconsequential, no big deal, or easier to make up at a later date. Chances are, class is your best opportunity to understand the material and have a chance to ask any questions that may arise – bringing us to tip number two.

Ask Questions

Successful students aren’t the ones that understand everything perfectly the first time, rather, they’re the ones that aren’t afraid to ask questions until they do. Everyone excels at learning differently and at the Rose Academies, our teachers are here to help! It is a mark of a successful student to take charge of your own educational experience. If something isn’t making sense to you, it’s in your best interest to engage your resources until it does. This helps contribute to what makes a student successful.

Manage Your Time & Don’t Multitask

Time management is a lifelong skill and something that will benefit you far beyond your high school days. As a student, one of your top priorities should be school, but it is likely not your only responsibility. That is why it’s important to plan ahead and be realistic about the time you need to do your best academically. Another time management tip is to not try to do everything at once.

Multitasking may seem like the most efficient way to get it all done, but research shows that multitasking not only slows the completion of tasks but also decreases the quality of the final product. So next time you think doing your math homework while listening to an audiobook for your next book report is killing two birds with one stone, take a step back, plan your time accordingly, and focus on one task at a time.

Set Goals

A good place to start with your time management strategy discussed above is to set goals and work backwards. Do you hope to have straight As this semester? Take a look at all the assignments leading up to final grades and set mini-goals to excel at those as well. Looking to graduate early? Plan out how many credits you’ll need to take and how you can handle the workload accordingly.

Additionally, setting long term goals can be a great motivator to doing your best in the here and now. Studying for a final might not sound like much fun, but seeing it as the final piece of the puzzle before you graduate and move on to your dreams of going to college or starting work in your desired field can make studying less tedious. Set goals and give yourself every opportunity to do well and achieve them. What makes a student successful will depend a lot on the goals you set for yourself.

Practice Resilience

Resilience is defined as having the ability to withstand or recovery quickly from difficult situations. In your education, it also means being able to learn from failures and keep going to achieve success. Learning to keep moving forward when faced with a new challenge isn’t easy, but it’s a key component to gaining confidence, personal growth, and success in lifelong learning. Practicing resilience and learning from your mistakes will prepare you to ultimately achieve whatever it is you set your mind to in school and beyond.

What Makes a Student Successful isn’t necessarily being the smartest, but the ones with the dedication to develop and apply what they learn to achieve their goals. At the Rose Academies, we are committed to supporting your desire to learn with flexible scheduling options designed to meet your needs and accessible teachers ready to guide you through an invaluable educational experience. Continue exploring our website to learn more and enroll today.

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