Didn’t Graduate in May? Rose can help!

What to do if you Didn’t Graduate on Time

If you weren’t able to graduate in May this year, we can help! At the Rose Academies, credit recovery is an accessible part of our curriculum because we are dedicated to helping students graduate on a schedule that works for them. Regardless of your reasons for falling behind, the Rose Academies has a team of caring teachers and staff who will work with you to reach your high school graduation goals.


Having your high school diploma is often a necessary first step to moving on in adulthood. Whether you’re interested in attending college or starting a job, many institutions will require you to have graduated high school or earned your GED. Not graduating high school severely limits your job options and could nearly disqualify you from top earning positions in the future. 


If you were unable to graduate because of lack of credits, we can design your schedule so you take the classes you need. If you were unable to graduate because of too many bad grades, you can retake the classes you need to and earn a passing grade in order to graduate. Either way, when you start your journey at Rose, you will know what you need to do and the time it will take to earn your diploma. 


How to get Started

We are always enrolling! Follow these steps to get started with classes:

Step 1: Fill out the enrollment packet to save your spot. Attendending Rose is free!

Step 2: Talk with a school administrator to set your class schedule and graduation plan.

Step 3: Attend classes to earn your high school credits.


Take the next step towards graduating at www.go2rose.com