student teacher ratios

Why are Student-Teacher Ratios Important?

There are many factors that determine the quality of education a student will receive from their school. One factor that remains undisputed is the student to teacher ratio. Generally speaking, classes with a smaller number of students and a larger percentage of teachers facilitate better learning environments. So much so, that many states have legislation in place to limit the number of students assigned to each teacher.

One factor that supports the need for low student to teacher ratios is greater student involvement. With a smaller class size, students are more likely to ask questions, participate in discussions, and stay engaged throughout class time. This kind of participation can benefit a student’s learning experience and make time spent in class more rewarding.

Another benefit of ideal student/teacher ratios is the reduced chance of a student getting left behind or “falling through the cracks”. Smaller class sizes lend themselves to stronger student-teacher relationships, ensuring a teacher will notice sooner if a student is struggling and intervene to get them the help they need.

Lastly, teachers can do a better job teaching if they’re less overwhelmed by a large number of students. This can be apparent in day-to-day classroom management, as well as when providing feedback and direction on assignments. Too many students can overburden even the most well-meaning teachers, making an already challenging job more difficult!

Even though many areas have legislation in place to limit the number of students in a class, those numbers are often pushed to their limits. One way to help guarantee a better student to teacher ratio for your student is to consider the one-on-one instruction set up at the Rose Academies.

With an entire student body totalling around 150 students, the Rose Academies has maintained low student to teacher ratios as a top priority. Students work at their own computers in a curriculum that is self-paced, but not self taught, and always have access to an instructor throughout their school day. Our teachers know each student by their name, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and goals, to help provide them with the individualized assistance they need.

If low student to teacher ratios and small class sizes are a priority for you, we invite you to learn more about the Rose Academies by continuing to explore our website. We are always enrolling!