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Are Charter Schools Accredited?: Educational Standards

In short, yes! Read on to learn more about the accreditation of charter schools and what makes the Rose Academies especially qualified to provide an alternative to traditional high school education. 

What is a Charter School?

A charter school is an educational institution that is publicly funded but operates outside of a traditional district. Because charter schools have more educational agency, there’s a large variety of charter schools in terms of mission, educational model, and quality. These variances occur state to state and institution to institution. 

The Rose Academies were founded upon the mission to “Honor the Promise of Education” by training students in the fundamental skills needed to graduate high school, transition into continuing education or college, and explore career choices; expanding how students learn how to think, and creating life options and opportunities for each graduate.

What does it mean to be Accredited?

Accreditation is a voluntary, non-government process for awarding public recognition to institutions that meet and maintain high-quality educational standards. Schools go through the accreditation process to establish a good reputation among educational institutions, the public, and students.

The big question around accreditation is usually related to the legitimacy of a diploma from the high school in question. A diploma from a non-accredited school may not be accepted or taken seriously by a higher educational institution such as a college. 

The Rose Academies are Fully Accredited

Tucson’s Rose Academies are fully accredited and offer an alternative to a traditional education with a curriculum that is self paced, but not self taught. Rose has delivered on their mission to “Honor the Promise of Education” for over 20 years and continues to help each individual student reach their goals of graduating high school. Learn more and even enroll today by continuing to explore the Rose Academies website