high schools that are near me in Tucson

Rose Academies Video Blog – What High Schools are Near Me?

Part of what makes the Rose Academies’ high schools unique is the accessibility they provide to in-person students. Those searching for an alternative to a traditional high school education may think of online schooling as the only option. Still, at the Rose Academies, we provide an online, in-person curriculum that is self-paced but never self-taught.

With five high schools across Tucson, the Rose Academies have a location for everyone. Our most historic location, Mountain Rose Academy, is located on the northwest side of Tucson at 3686 W. Orange Grove Rd. at the intersection of Orange Grove and Thornydale. Pima Rose Academy, near South Tucson, is located at 1690 W. Irvington, near the intersection of Irvington and Midvale Road. Desert Rose Academy is our central Tucson location at 326 W. Fort Lowell Rd. near Fort Lowell and Oracle. Canyon Rose Academy is on the southwest side of Tucson at 2401 S. Wilmot Rd at the intersection of Golflinks and Wilmot, and our most recent location is Canyon Rose Academy East, located on the northwest side of Tucson at 8981 E. Tanque Verde Rd. at the intersection of Tanque Verde and Bear Canyon Road.    

With various locations spread across Tucson, the Rose Academies help ensure that every student has access to the Rose quality of education. The Rose Academies are fully accredited charter schools offering credit recovery, flexible scheduling, smaller class sizes, one-on-one instruction, and more. Students choose from three session times throughout the day and attend class from their computer workstation with in-person instructors who are always present and ready to help. 

We invite you to continue exploring our website for more information on the five Rose Academies locations across Tucson. A Rose Academy education is free, and we are always enrolling.