alternative high school

Alternative High School for Gifted Students

There are a variety of reasons why a student might seek out an alternative to a traditional high school education, including credit recovery and more flexible scheduling, but it can also provide students with a unique opportunity to get ahead and even graduate early. For students who find a traditional school structure unengaging and uninspiring, an alternative high school can offer a refreshing change of pace.

1. Scheduling

Scheduling in high school doesn’t need to be one size fits all. Many students would benefit from having more say in their daily and weekly schedules. Though they work for some pupils, structured class times with lengthy passing periods, lunch times, and study halls are often not the most effective use of a student’s school day. An alternative allows students more control over their classes, what subject they work on, and even what time of day they attend school.

2. Pacing

As mentioned above, the traditional pacing of classes can be too fast or too slow for some students, resulting in falling behind or becoming bored and unengaged. With a self-paced curriculum, students can move through the material at a rate that allows for both understanding and engagement. 

3. Graduation Timeline

Whether it’s getting a head start on college classes and admissions, a business idea that deserves more time and commitment, or a career that a student’s passionate about, there are several reasons why one might want to earn their diploma early. With Rose Academies’ alternative high school education, students can focus on only the necessary classes while working towards their individual goals.

At the Rose Academies, we are proud to offer the solution to students looking to learn and achieve on their own time. Our curriculum is self-paced but never self-taught, allowing students to move through subjects on their own time with teachers who are always present to lend a helping hand. We invite you to learn more about what makes the Rose Academies different by continuing to explore our website.