Should You Send Your Kids To Private School?

Considering sending your children to private school is a big undertaking for you as a parent. There are a few things you have to take into consideration such as what school would be right for your child as well as whether or not the tuition is in your budget. But there’s a reason why so […]

Dropping Out of School Causes, Consequences, and Solutions

Roughly, a staggering one million students drop out each year, and nearly half of all African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans fail to graduate. Dropping out of school can have severe consequences for students both immediately and far into their futures. 86% of high school students graduate, according to the national average. The other 14% […]

ROSE Academies’ Video Blog – OCT 2021: Our Established In-Person & Online Schooling Hybrid Program

Rose Academies offers a different approach to in-person learning and online schooling, especially during Covid-19. Flexible schedules are available, and an established proven curriculum. Please click on this video blog to learn additional information.

What Are the Alternatives to Traditional High Schools?

In case no one has told you, you have choices when it comes to your student’s high school education! Whether you’re worried your local public school isn’t up to par, or noticing that your student isn’t thriving in that environment as well as you’d hoped, we’re here to help provide the alternative you’ve been searching […]

Online Classes vs In-Person High Schools

Between in-person or online class options, which is the best for your student in terms of safety, consistency, focus, and education? This article will help answer this question by comparing both online and in-person high schools. For nearly two years, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly has brought this question to a head. We’ve now learned that […]