What Are the Alternatives to Traditional High Schools?

In case no one has told you, you have choices when it comes to your student’s high school education! Whether you’re worried your local public school isn’t up to par, or noticing that your student isn’t thriving in that environment as well as you’d hoped, we’re here to help provide the alternative you’ve been searching for.

Some signs your child may be better suited for an alternative to traditional high school include:

Your child is experiencing…

  • Bullying or negative emotions and anxiety about going to school
  • Underperformance in classes or falling behind in credits
  • Boredom with the current pace of their classes, or finding that they’re not being intellectually challenged enough
  • An unsatisfactory local school district
  • A need for more flexibility or control over their own schedule

If any of these issues sound familiar, it may be time to consider an alternative high school option.

Charter schools are considered a widely accessible and free option for those dissatisfied with traditional public schools. Charter schools are not tied down to any one curriculum and have more flexibility in terms of what they teach and how they teach it. Instructors can incorporate more innovative teaching styles, and parents get to have more say and understanding as to the curriculum best suited for their child.

At Rose Academies, we have taken the credibility of traditional high schools and paired it with an environment built to help students with the issues mentioned above. . Students set their own pace and work with one of our caring staff members to design the curriculum right for their timeline and their goals. Class time is spent working largely independently with access to instructors as needed, and we offer three session times throughout the day to ensure your student’s education fits with the schedule that works best for them. 

Rose Academies are the premier, non-traditional charter schools Tucson trusts to put your students’ needs first. Unlike traditional high schools, a charter school focuses on the individualized experience and helps your student thrive in ways traditional education systems cannot. With self-paced courses and a team of onsite, supportive teachers, we are dedicated to helping our students meet their goals, every time.

We invite you to continue exploring our website to learn more about what makes Rose Academies uniquely prepared for the current and future of high school education. Take an online video tour of our in-person high schools today!