Online Classes vs In-Person High Schools

Online Classes Versus In-Person High Schools

Between in-person or online class options, which is the best for your student in terms of safety, consistency, focus, and education? This article will help answer this question by comparing both online and in-person high schools.

For nearly two years, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly has brought this question to a head. We’ve now learned that much of the online and/or in-person learning experience is determined by the individual. At Rose Academies, we have continued with a system that enacts the best of both worlds through our Blended Learning Model, harnessing the interactivity of an in-person workspace with the stability and consistency of an online-accessible curriculum.

Going to a traditional high school has had its drawbacks even before the pandemic. While students hopefully have access to attentive teachers able to support them and answer questions, it can become all too easy for pupils to slip through the cracks in a larger student body. It’s possible to be in a class that isn’t being well-managed by the teacher. This sadly results in having whole instruction times that go by ineffectively. Add issues of the pandemic on top of that and it’s easy for a legitimate concern of health and safety to arise.

At Rose Academies, students work at personal, designated work stations with social distancing and sanitation measures ensured. Our small class sizes make it possible to keep students safe and engaged. They also provide them in-person access to their instructors who are available to help. Classes are self-led, but not self-taught. This allows for each session time to be an effective and efficient use of the student’s time.

On the other hand, traditional online schooling has been an option for students pre-COVID as well. Many enjoy the flexibility and independence an online education allows, but it too can have its shortcomings. Reliance on technology, Wi-Fi, and generally, online resources can be unstable at home. Add to that an online instructor who is unresponsive or uninvolved in a student’s lesson time and you have a recipe for wasted educational potential.

At Rose Academies, we provide the resources students need to succeed. This includes dedicated computer workstations and an electronic curriculum, as well as in-person assistance available from caring teachers. This Blended Learning Model has been instrumental in helping to keep our students on track towards their graduation goals. And this is in spite of a global pandemic and ever-changing high school landscape. We invite you to continue exploring our website to learn more about what makes Rose Academies uniquely prepared for the current and future of high school education.

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