Why Do So Many Parents Send Their Kids to Charter Schools?

As a parent, one of the most critical decisions you will make for your child is choosing a high school. High school is the established gateway to higher education. Many parents are making the decision to send their kids to a charter high school in preparation for college.

What Is a Charter School?

A charter school is a public school that is an alternative option to other public schools. These schools can be founded by teachers, administrators, parents, or a collective of all three. They often offer specialized education in a variety of subjects that are not the primary focus in a typical public school.

Charter schools serve a wide variety of populations, including children with disabilities and children that are gifted in art or STEM studies. Charter schools are alternatives to other settings.

Here are a few reasons why parents are choosing to send their kids to charter schools.

Popularity Is On the Rise

Many parents are finding education solutions for their children in charter schools. Between the years 2000 and 2017, there was an uptick in enrollment from 1% to 6% for public school students.

Charter high school settings are also becoming more popular for parents that want more control of their child’s education. Charter schools are historically smaller than other public school settings and provide a smaller teacher-to-student ratio, giving kids more individualized instruction attention.

Innovative Education

Many parents are tapping into the innovative education that is available at their local charter high school. Each charter school is required to have a mission statement and declare how it will carry out its mission. There are some innovative educational ideas that are formulated at charter schools that attract many parents as well.

Focusing On Talents

Making sure your child is challenged while learning something they are passionate about is another reason to consider a charter school. If your child is interested in technology and programming, do they really need to spend a chunk of their day immersed in other subjects that do not excite them? Charter schools offer programs that are fulfilling for the student and challenge them by focusing on the things they are passionate about.

Parent Involvement

Charter schools are big on parent involvement. They are smaller communities where everyone gets to know one another. For many parents, being a part of their child’s educational community is essential, and they find what they are looking for at a charter high school.

Sending your child to a charter high school may be an excellent decision for your young learner. To learn more about how a charter school can help your child excel, contact Rose Academies today.