esports in high school

Rose Academies Video Blog – Esports in High School

This year, the Rose Academies are excited to announce the introduction of an esports league at the Desert Rose and Mountain Rose Campuses. Esports, short for electronic sports, are video games played competitively, often for spectators. With over 95% of American teens playing video games, esports is a great opportunity to tap into students’ interests, find more engaging ways for them to learn, and even develop in-demand skills for the modern job market.

The High School Esports League (HSEL) is the largest league for high school esports and has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) accreditation from STEM. HSEL aims to connect educators and students through video games to introduce STEM skills, team building, and cooperation through play.

The Rose Academies are currently developing a gaming fundamentals concept curriculum to accompany the esports league, which will earn students elective credit. Learning about team building, computer programming basics, gaming careers, and a healthy lifestyle allow students to become competitive in growing tech markets, such as software engineering, web, and graphic design, and game development. 

Each year, HSEL hosts regional, state, and national competitions, beginning with the Spring Major in January. The Rose Academies esports league will be participating in this year’s Spring Major, and students who make it to nationals are in the running to win a $100,000 scholarship.

At Rose, we’re excited to offer our students a unique way of learning and the opportunity to get involved in a field that interests them. With flexible scheduling and personalized curriculums, the Rose Academies are looking to level up high school education while students graduate. To learn more and enroll today, please continue exploring our website.