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Video Blog: What Life Skills Does High School Teach?

While “Home Ec” classes might mostly be a thing of the past, high school still delivers on many life skills that will help students function and excel in the world beyond graduation. High school can be a great opportunity for students to learn life skills such as how to make good decisions, manage their time wisely, form healthy relationships, and more. With the right approach to education for each student, these skills will develop and prepare pupils for a transition into the real world.

Time Management

High school is a great opportunity to learn time management skills. At the Rose Academies, students are encouraged to plan ahead and actively participate in designing their own schedules. By encouraging students to prioritize their activities and make decisions based on the importance of each task, students are able to set realistic goals and develop time management skills that will last a lifetime. Learning to prioritize tasks, manage distractions, and take breaks when needed can help students to manage their time better and become healthier, more efficient individuals in the future.


High school teaches communication skills through various activities and interactions in and outside of the classroom. In person situations might encourage students to speak up in class, provide feedback on their work, or collaborate with their peers, while written communication through emailing teachers or other students about ongoing projects can help to bolster written communication skills. Students are also able to model effective real world communication techniques, such as listening attentively, expressing themselves clearly, and negotiating conflict, all of which will continue to be valuable skills after graduation. 

The Ability to Learn

By encouraging students to explore their interests and develop critical thinking skills, they are taught the most valuable lesson of all: How to learn. Ultimately, a student understanding how they learn best is the greatest life skill a high school education can provide. Unlike memorizing concepts for a test only to forget them later, teaching students how to learn will enable them to learn any skill or concept they desire going forward. By providing students with opportunities to actively engage with the world around them and develop their abilities, students gain the confidence to be lifelong learners.

The Rose Academy charter schools are dedicated to honoring the promise of education by training students in the fundamental skills needed to graduate high school, transition into continuing education or college, and explore career choices. By expanding how students learn how to think and creating life opportunities for each student upon graduation, the Rose Academies provide life skills to students that will carry them beyond their high school diploma. To learn more about the Rose quality of education, we invite you to continue exploring our website.