The Blended Learning Model & How it Benefits Students

In these unprecedented times, the Rose Academies are proud to be in the established position of offering a blended learning model. As more schools move online and parents are put in the difficult position of committing to what learning option is best for their child, we are here to offer flexibility and safety with a model that has been ingrained into the way Rose Academy does high school for decades. Below are some ways a Rose Academy education differs from traditional high schools and is especially beneficial during Covid-19. 


First, you can easily change from in-person to online learning and vice versa. Compared to traditional high schools that require a commitment to either in-person or distance learning for the entirety of the semester, the Rose Academies offer the same online curriculum to students whether they’re in-person or fully online, making the transition back and forth seamless. 


Second, our teachers are more responsive to virtual inquiries and are ready to help from a distance. At a traditional school, you may wait up to a week to hear back as teachers become overwhelmed with the new and different demands of online learning. At the Rose Academies, online communication and responsiveness has been well established between students and teachers even before the pandemic. With our blended learning model, you can expect to hear back within the day. 


Third, you can trust in a normal and consistent class schedule. With many traditional schools opting for new hybrid learning options, class times and alternating week day schedules can get confusing. At the Rose Academies, you can expect your schedule to look the same week to week regardless of whether you’re in-person or online. 


And that’s not all! Learn more about how the Rose Academies’ blended learning model is ideal for creating the Covid learning schedule that’s right for you by continuing to explore our website at