How to Graduate High School Early

Are you considering trying to graduate from high school early? At the Rose Academies, we offer flexible scheduling options to allow for a graduation timeline that fits your goals. Whether you’re an aspiring traveler interested in taking a gap year before starting college along with your peers, or you’re ready to enter the workforce and begin earning an income of your own, an early high school graduation comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges. Below, we’ve highlighted some pros and cons of graduating high school early to help you make the best informed decision.



Get a head start. 

This one may seem obvious, but for those seeking to enter the workforce sooner or begin their college studies earlier on, moving up your high school graduation can be helpful. Beginning full time work sooner can also allow you to begin saving more money for secondary education later on. 


Get the academic challenge you desire.

College courses tend to be faster paced and more demanding than the rigors of high school and entering the workforce can be a tough but rewarding transition. If you find yourself bored with the level of difficulty in high school and are anxious to challenge yourself in new ways, graduating early may be the right move for you.


Get a possible leg up on college admissions.

Though not always the case (as discussed below), completing your high school credits ahead of schedule could signal virtues such as dedication, organization, and good time management skills to college admissions directors. In an increasingly competitive space, an early high school graduation could make your application stand out.



Increased difficulty of college admissions.

The traditional four-year high school track allows for the regular, year-long course instruction admissions departments expect to see on a transcript. Though you may be eager to graduate early and take accelerated classes to meet that goal, keep in mind what your secondary institution expects to see and whether your early graduation will help or hinder your admissions process. 


Missing out on a year of activities.  

Whether it’s your current sports team, your favorite chess club, or being involved in student government, many activities come to an end once you graduate high school. You no longer have the opportunity to see your classmates in the same capacity and will likely have a different daily schedule than your peers. High school is a unique experience and it’s important to consider if you truly want to move on from it earlier than most. 


Increased difficulty of transitions.

Starting college or full time work is more than just having completed the required high school credits. Consider all the aspects involved, like a more demanding schedule, decreased leisure and personal time, greater responsibility, and the necessary independence that comes with making the transition to the “real world”. 


Whether the pros of graduating high school early outweigh the cons, or vice versa, the Rose Academies are here to support you in reaching your goals on your time. We offer flexible scheduling options, including three different five-hour sessions Monday-Thursday and summer school to help facilitate an education that aligns with your life. Learn more and enroll today by continuing to explore our website at