Rose Academy’s Mastery Grading System

In order to graduate from high school, students need to earn 22 credits worth of classes. The Rose Academies utilize a mastery grading system, meaning you’ll need to earn a grade of C or better in your classes in order to pass. The state of Arizona only requires a minimum passing grade of 60% or D, but there are advantages of requiring more from our students which we have highlighted below.  


    1. Clear expectations. Mastery grading lends itself to transparency and simplicity so that students have the opportunity to take ownership of their grades. Because a mastery grading system utilizes an easy to understand rubric, students always know where they stand and what’s expected of them in order to earn a certain grade.


    1. A better breakdown on what skills are mastered and which need more work. Unlike a traditional 100 point grading system, mastery grading offers more insight for parents and students as to what areas of a subject need to be improved. For example, rather than receiving a blanket 78% in an Algebra class without further explanation, mastery grading allows a student to see that they have mastered polynomials by 97% but only produce a 42% mastery of quadratic equations. This system allows for more true comprehension of the material and gives students the confidence to know where they need to focus their efforts to improve.


  1. Doing the absolute minimum will only get you so far in life. Requiring a C instead of a D to pass may seem excessive, but at the Rose Academies, we want to prepare our students to be successful in whatever pursuits they choose beyond high school. Whether that’s attending a four-year university, a community college, a trade school, or entering the workforce, we want our students to cultivate an education and skills that will make them competitive among their peers come graduation.


With the advanced opportunities a mastery grading system offers Rose Academy students to learn, we are confident in requiring a little more from their GPA upon graduation. Learn more about how a Rose Academy education can help prepare your student for life long success by continuing to explore our website at