Charter High School for Special Education

America’s public-school systems currently educate more than six million students with disabilities, about nine percent of the school-age population, and nearly one-third of those disabled students are of traditional high school age. 

Charter schools, though different in a variety of ways from district schools, are still public schools. That means they are required to provide special education support and services to eligible students. 

With the challenges brought on by Covid-19, the Rose Academies have dedicated themselves to providing support services to those who need it.  For students and families who don’t feel online services support their needs, teachers are available in person to provide specialized instruction in a safe, socially distanced environment.  Our schools implement a range of mitigation strategies to ensure student safety and follow all CDC recommendations and guidelines. 

Special education services will be offered Monday through Thursday during our normal school sessions times (Morning, Afternoon, & Evening). To learn more and to see if the Rose Academies are a good fit for you and your student, please continue to explore our website at