How are Charter Schools Different?

With so many options in terms of selecting the right high school education, we wanted to share a few points we believe to be relevant when making your decision. First, there are a variety of types of schools to choose from. From public, to private, and notably, charter. While charter schools are free like traditional schools, they have the benefit of adhering to a unique mission and standard of education, much like a private school.


Charter schools diversify their educational approach which gives students and their families a choice for finding free, public school options other than traditional public school models. Since charter schools can be so different from traditional public schools, there is a wide spectrum of differences within the charter schools themselves.


What makes the Rose Academies unique?

Rose Academies relies on a small, friendly environment that emphasizes student priorities. Our approach is student-centered with teachers who act as caring guides to help students achieve and exceed their academic goals. Rose uses a blended learning  approach with fully digitized curriculum content that students engage with at an individualized pace within the classroom.


Accomplishing goals across core subjects and a variety of other classes allows students to learn quickly and demonstrate their knowledge in a straightforward manner. Individual teacher help is always available so students can overcome obstacles without delay. Rose’s approach to education strips away prevalent problems like student classroom misbehavior and attention issues. We partner with our students’ own desires and goals so they stay motivated and on pace for content mastery.


Rather than relying on inconsistent teaching styles, overcrowded classrooms, and under-staffed facilities, turn to Rose where your time and your learning are our priorities! The Rose Academies offer three different school day times so you create your own schedule so that you can learn in the way you’re most comfortable. To learn more and see if a Rose Academy education is the right choice for you, please continue exploring our website at