Who Benefits from Charter High Schools: Student Success

Charter High School

Unlike traditional high schools, charter schools are uniquely curated to meet the needs of a variety of students. One important element of this is the freedom of choice that they provide. Unfortunately for many families, the nearest public school is sometimes poor-performing or doesn’t meet their student’s needs. Until the widespread school choice movement spearheaded by the growing popularity of charter schools, families have had few alternatives to their local school district, often limited to expensive private schools as their only other choice. However, this popular type of school has added a free alternative for parents to consider, giving them greater flexibility that fits their child’s educational needs and preferences.

Over the past 15 years, cities across the country have experienced rapid growth in the number of these schools serving their students. Charter schools are public schools operated by independent organizations, and as a result, are free from many of the rules that constrain district-operated schools. In exchange for increased autonomy, charter schools are held accountable for their performance by their authorizers.

They have significantly more freedom in curriculum design and management than traditional public schools, while at the same time often creating a higher academic standard than traditional public schools. Because they are publicly funded, they must still follow all regulations that apply to public schools – but are additionally held accountable by their charter. Failing to meet academic expectations can lead to a loss of the district charter, as well as decreased enrollment and poor parent approval. This increased accountability ensures that charter schools fulfill every aspect of their educational responsibility and beyond.

Best Charter High Schools – Experience the Rose Difference!

Autonomy, accountability, diversity of learning models, flexible schedules, and choice are all elements of a charter-school education that benefit the student, family, and community at large. At Rose Academies, our dedication to meeting the needs of our students while providing a self-lead, but not self-taught, learning environment brings these favorable elements to light. See the Rose difference for yourself and enroll today!