How to Catch Up in School

At the Rose Academies and across the nation, to say the last school year looked a little different is quite the understatement. If you’re looking to catch up in school and classes that fell through the cracks or the concepts you didn’t quite grasp, we’re here to help. If your life and schedule look different now than they did before, we offer flexible scheduling options to meet your needs. And, if you’re afraid graduation has become out of reach, we can help you get back on track.


Over the last year, the students at the Rose Academies had the unique benefit of a curriculum built to accommodate online, hybrid, and overall more flexible learning than traditional high schools. At this time, we are offering full time in person learning with three different sessions throughout the day to meet your needs. Our AM session from 7am-12pm, Midday from 12pm-5pm, and Evening from 5pm-10pm. If you got a job during Covid, we can help with flexible scheduling options that can give you the opportunity to continue employment while still working towards graduation.


If you’ve fallen behind by a few credits, or received too many bad grades, we can help there too! Make up credits and improve your GPA by taking only the classes you need with a schedule built around your specific needs. You can even make up credits here and transfer them back to a traditional high school if you choose to do so. 


Enjoy your own, regularly sanitized desk space during your chosen session, flexible scheduling, and a curriculum that is self-paced but not self taught. At the Rose Academies, your learning experience is designed to meet your personal goals efficiently and effectively, bringing you ever closer to graduating confidently. Learn more and catch up in school by enrolling today, and continuing to explore options on our website at