How Do Charter Schools Work?

Charter schools are unique in that they identify their mission and approach in a document known as the “charter” for their school. The charter explains the management, organization, and achievement standards for the school, as well as how those educational goals will be measured.

While laws vary by state, most charter schools do not have to abide by the same rules and regulations as traditional schools. This allows for a wide range of possibilities for charter schools to forge a new path and create a uniquely successful school. It also means charter schools can look very different depending on the school’s mission and style.

Why choose a charter school?

In the same way that charter schools span a wide range of possibilities and styles, students are unique individuals with their own goals for success. Charter schools are the revolutionary alternative to the traditional public school model. So whether students and parents are interested in avoiding a less than satisfactory experience, or their unique needs fit better with a charter school in their area, there are many reasons to look into charter schools.

Families may choose a charter school for its teachers, management style, facilities, or overall reputation. With the additional autonomy given to charter schools, they are often held to a higher standard since they are required to adhere to their own mission statement and goals for success. The bottom line is that charter schools provide more options for families, and this relatively new education model is serving millions of students successfully in the U.S.

How Do Charter Schools Work and Why Rose Academies?

At the Rose Academies, we believe that education is what changes us from what we are into what we could become. The Rose Academies are focused on improving the educational experience of Tucson students with small class sizes, one-on-one instruction, no fees, and a self-paced but not self-taught environment, whether learning online or in person. Learn more and enroll today by continuing to explore our website at Go2Rose.

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