Video Blog: Value of Going Back to School Post-Pandemic

Students were uniquely impacted by the pandemic, with many still facing challenges related to ongoing health, economic, and social consequences. For high school students, the pandemic not only meant a disruption of day to day life, but a potential gap in their education, a delay in receiving their diploma, and the stunting of their future career and collegiate prospects.

Luckily, these days most students are back to school as usual and enjoying the increased security, safety, and resources that come along with that. However, some students are still left feeling the need to make up for lost time. Whether online schooling left them feeling behind in subject matter, or left them unable to attend and pass their classes at all, the Rose Academies are here to offer back to school solutions.

At Rose, we offer credit recovery and flexible scheduling options to help students accurately pick up where they left off, with less detriment to their graduation timeline. For students and families facing economic hardship, Rose Academies not only offers an alternative high school education free of charge, but is also willing to work with students to address their individual needs, such as working towards their diploma while maintaining a job or taking care of family. 

With all of the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, the Rose Academies are here to help ease the back to school transition for high school students and provide the resources needed for scholastic success. We invite you to learn more and even enroll today with a visit to our website at