benefits of attending summer school

The Benefits of Attending Summer School: Enhanced Learning

There are many benefits to attending summer school. It can help students to get ahead on their coursework, make up for lost time, and even retain information they’ve learned throughout the year. Summer school courses are typically accelerated, but worth the same amount of credits as a course taken during the traditional year, allowing time for both school and other summer activities. Below are a few additional reasons why attending summer school is a good option for high school students.

Less Coursework for Later

Taking just one summer course can set a student up to have a lighter course load during the regular semesters. With a lightened class load, the remaining classes in the fall and spring can receive more attention and students may have the opportunity to participate in further extracurriculars or elective coursework. 

Avoid Summer Learning Loss 

Students lose an average of 20% of their school year gains during summer break. Summer school keeps students engaged with learning to help avoid this “summer slide”. Students also have the opportunity to explore other subjects and interests that they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to during the regular school year.

Reinforce Class Knowledge

Many summer school courses reinforce knowledge in core subjects to help students gain a better grasp on fundamental subjects. For students who struggle in specific academic areas or for students who excel in core areas, summer programs allow students to enhance their cognitive skills and abilities.

A Cost-Effective Learning Opportunity

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