benefits of flexible scheduling

Benefits of Flexible Scheduling in High School

When it comes to what classes high school students take and when most pupils aren’t used to having much choice, each high schooler takes the same classes, often regardless of the need, interest, or skill level of the student. While this may eventually produce a diploma, it can leave many students either overwhelmed or unengaged. 

At the Rose Academies, we don’t believe high school should be a one size fits all experience. Some of our students need a curriculum designed for credit recovery, while others aim to get ahead. Some students prefer a morning class schedule, while others would rather learn in the evening. Whatever your needs and preferences, the Rose Academies are dedicated to offering flexibility for students, both in scheduling and curriculum.

Each student has their own educational goals and needs that deserve a curriculum to match. At the Rose Academies, students discuss their situation with an academic coach to determine the best path to graduation for them. Whether the student needs credit recovery, an accelerated lesson plan, or the time to retake a course for a passing grade, Rose Academy’s individualized curriculums create a clear, efficient path to a high school diploma.

Rose’s commitment to the individual learner doesn’t stop there. Students not only have access to a flexible curriculum but to a flexible schedule as well. Unlike traditional high schools that require students to be in class for seven hours a day, from the early morning to the afternoon, the Rose Academies offer three, five-hour session times throughout the day. Students choose from a morning session, from 7 am-12 pm, a mid-day session from 12 pm-5 pm, or an evening session from 5 pm-10 pm (Canyon East and Desert Rose Evening Session is 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm). These options consider a student’s sleep, work, and extracurricular schedule, allowing them to receive a quality education on the timeline that works for them while preparing for time management in the real world. 

We invite you to experience the Rose difference and take advantage of a more flexible approach to high school education by enrolling today.