does high school prepare students for the real world

Does High School Prepare Students for the Real World?

Ideally, students should leave high school feeling confident to move on to the next step of their lives, college or the workforce. However, upon graduation, many students that have attended traditional high schools may lament that they don’t feel prepared at all. Even those students with respectable GPAs and solid test scores sometimes struggle to apply what they have learned to live after high school. We are set on changing that at the Rose Academies’ charter schools by offering an alternative. 

We accomplish this in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Learning how to learn, provoking thought
  2. Instilling self-motivation
  3. Opportunity to practice work/life balance

Starting with learning how to learn, the Rose Academies are dedicated to expanding students’ minds, not fitting them neatly into a box. Memorizing and regurgitating information may produce a nice standardized test score, but it rarely translates to real-world understanding or success. Many students come to Rose because they are looking for an alternative to the monotonous structure of traditional schools. By teaching students how to think critically and learn endlessly, they can face any challenge with a level of confidence in their abilities.

Self-motivation is a natural byproduct of being a student at the Rose Academies. With a highly individualized curriculum, students can work at their own pace and often independently, though teachers are always present to answer questions or provide guidance. Each new student to the Rose Academies sits down with an academic coach to map out their goals for the year, helping to ensure students know what is expected and make their plan for success.

Practicing work/life balance is a skill many adults struggle to cultivate, perhaps because they’ve never been allowed to practice. One of the most obvious differences between the Rose Academies and traditional high schools is the option for students to design their schedules. Sessions are offered in five-hour blocks, three times a day, allowing students to hold a job, tend to other responsibilities, or more deeply explore outside interests while pursuing their diploma. Many students go on to college or a career having never before practiced prioritizing or time management. At the Rose Academies, the educational experience is designed around training students in the fundamental skills needed to graduate high school and transition into the world beyond.

If you or your student are looking for an alternative to a traditional high school education that is formulated to produce confidence and success outside of the classroom we invite you to learn more about the Rose Academies by continuing to explore our website