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How to Beat Back to School Blues?

If you’re feeling some anxiety about the end of summer and going back to school, you’re not alone. Many students feel some dread about getting back in the classroom. The good news is, that this feeling is likely temporary, and you’ll be back into the swing of things in no time! But, if that idea isn’t quite enough to give you comfort, below are our top, tested ideas for beating the back-to-school blues.

Fun School Supplies

While taking notes might not feel exciting, getting a fresh notebook and set of pens might. Or, take the time to refresh and customize the supplies you already have. Get rid of old notes so your remaining pages are clear, throw away dried-out pens, or illustrate a new cover for your notebook. Revitalizing your supplies might even make you more excited to use them.

Reconnect with Friends

Even with the best intentions, it can be difficult to keep in touch with friends from class over the summer. Plan a time to get together before school starts back or during one of the first few weekends once school starts. Reminiscing on your past high school memories can help get you in the mood to make new ones.

Set Goals for the Year

“You get out of it what you put into it” applies to many experiences in life, including high school. Going into class with a goal in mind is a good way to set yourself up for success. Maybe you want to raise your GPA by a few points this year or set up a good study routine. Imagining a few accomplishments for the year can help get you in the mindset for going back. 

Plan Something Fun

If you’re not looking forward to going back to school, plan something else to look forward to! Maybe it’s seeing a new movie after your first week of classes or getting together with your friends for a back-to-school bash. Anything that helps ease the transition from summer break to study dates.

At the Rose Academies, we want you to feel ready for back to school; and maybe even look forward to it! Our teachers and staff understand it can be a transition to get back into the swing of things and are available to help answer your questions, plan a successful year, and know what to expect for the year ahead. 

Our final tip for beating the back-to-school blues is to learn what makes a Rose Academies’ education different with a visit to our website.