Mastery Grading System

February 8, 2021
In order to graduate from high school, students need to earn 22 credits worth of classes. The Rose Academies utilize a mastery grading system, meaning you’ll need to earn a grade of C or better in your classes in order to pass. The state of Arizona only requires a minimum passing grade of 60% or […]

Charter School Special Education

December 10, 2020
America’s public-school systems currently educate more than six million students with disabilities, about nine percent of the school-age population, and nearly one-third of those disabled students are of traditional high school age.  Charter schools, though different in a variety of ways from district schools, are still public schools. That means they are required to provide […]

Charter School Performance

December 10, 2020
Over the last few decades, charter schools have grown both in quantity and popularity, causing some to question the quality of education and the impact charter schools have on the larger community. What makes charter schools different — and do those differences typically lead to an increase or decrease in student performance, test scores, and […]

The Best Way to Study

November 2, 2020
The Best Way to Study You’ve heard it all by now. Don’t procrastinate, plan ahead, organize your study space, take good notes, and get enough sleep, but what’s really the best way to study? At the Rose Academies, we want to give you all the tools to find your unique study strategy and implement the […]

How Do Charter Schools Work?

November 2, 2020
How Do Charter Schools Work? Charter schools are unique in that they identify their mission and approach in a document known as the “charter” for their school. The charter explains the management, organization, and achievement standards for the school, as well as how those educational goals will be measured. While laws vary by state, most […]

Free High Schools In Tucson

October 7, 2020
Free High Schools In Tucson Are you searching for a fully accredited free high school in Tucson to help your student receive the education they deserve while providing the learning options they need? The Rose Academies are not only the #1 Charter Schools in Tucson, they’re also on the leading edge of what’s possible with […]

How to be an A Student

October 7, 2020
How to be an A Student At the Rose Academies, we understand that you have a life outside of school and want you to be able to cultivate success in every area of your life. If straight As is one of your goals, we want you to understand that it is possible to enjoy life […]

How Many Hours Should You Study For An Exam?

September 1, 2020
How Many Hours Should You Study For An Exam? Studying well can make or break your GPA and is a skill that will come in handy long into your educational future. Let’s take a closer look at how many hours should you study for an exam. A general rule is to spend two hours on […]

What Makes a Student Successful?

September 1, 2020
What Makes a Student Successful? Wondering what makes a student successful? Chances are, you can conjure up a clear picture in your mind of what the ideal student looks like: on time, always prepared, engaged in learning, and earning effortless As. What’s their secret? Are they just naturally more gifted? Or is it that they’ve […]

Charter School Enrollment Requirements

July 16, 2020
Charter School Enrollment Requirements Learn more about Charter High School Enrollment Requirements in Arizona.  Are you getting ready to enroll in high school for the first time? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to change high schools? Are you trying to enroll in high school after dropping out? No matter the circumstances, enrolling at […]