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Video Blog: What Life Skills Does High School Teach?

February 20, 2023
While “Home Ec” classes might mostly be a thing of the past, high school still delivers on many life skills that will help students function and excel in the world beyond graduation. High school can be a great opportunity for students to learn life skills such as how to make good decisions, manage their time […]

Rose Academies Video Blog – Esports in High School

January 24, 2023
This year, the Rose Academies are excited to announce the introduction of an esports league at the Desert Rose and Mountain Rose Campuses. Esports, short for electronic sports, are video games played competitively, often for spectators. With over 95% of American teens playing video games, esports is a great opportunity to tap into students’ interests, […]

Alternative High School for Gifted Students

January 24, 2023
There are a variety of reasons why a student might seek out an alternative to a traditional high school education, including credit recovery and more flexible scheduling, but it can also provide students with a unique opportunity to get ahead and even graduate early. For students who find a traditional school structure unengaging and uninspiring, […]

Rose Academies Video Blog – What High Schools are Near Me?

December 30, 2022
Part of what makes the Rose Academies’ high schools unique is the accessibility they provide to in-person students. Those searching for an alternative to a traditional high school education may think of online schooling as the only option. Still, at the Rose Academies, we provide an online, in-person curriculum that is self-paced but never self-taught. […]

Are Charter Schools Accredited?: Educational Standards

December 20, 2022
In short, yes! Read on to learn more about the accreditation of charter schools and what makes the Rose Academies especially qualified to provide an alternative to traditional high school education.  What is a Charter School? A charter school is an educational institution that is publicly funded but operates outside of a traditional district. Because […]

Video Blog: Importance of Returning to School Post-Pandemic

November 17, 2022
Students were uniquely impacted by the pandemic, with many still facing challenges related to the pandemic’s ongoing health, economic, and social consequences. For high school students, the pandemic meant a disruption of day-to-day life, a potential gap in their education, a delay in receiving their diplomas, and the stunting of their future career and collegiate […]

Why High School Students Should Consider Volunteering

November 17, 2022
Many high schoolers are concerned with bolstering their collegiate applications with impressive GPAs and a roster of extracurricular activities. Outside of school athletics, activities, and clubs, one often overlooked aspect that can set an applicant apart is volunteering. In this blog, we’re looking at why high school students should consider getting involved with volunteer opportunities […]

Rose Academies’ Video Blog – November 2022 – Shu-Ha-Ri-DŌ 

November 15, 2022
Embracing The Art of Learning at the Rose Academies What does the “The Art of Learning” mean? There is a concept found in traditional Japanese martial art systems known as “Shu-Ha-Ri.” This term refers to the three distinct phases of learning – anything at all. Along with these three phases is also a concept known […]

Video Blog: Flexible Scheduling in Oct. 2022

October 20, 2022
When it comes to what classes high schoolers take and when, most students aren’t used to having much of a choice. Instead, each student is required to take the same classes, at the same time, regardless of need, interest, or skill level. While this may eventually produce a diploma, it can leave many students either […]

Emotional Wellness in High School: Mental Health in Teens

October 19, 2022
October is Emotional Wellness Month! Taking time out of a busy school season to recognize emotional wellness means spending time disconnecting and giving the brain some TLC. Maintaining a healthy emotional balance helps high schoolers to make healthy choices, have good relationships, avoid burnout, and achieve their goals. Emotional health is one aspect of mental […]