college scholarship in high school

How to get College Scholarships in High School?

If you’d like to lower the cost of your college education, applying for scholarships now is a good place to start. Many scholarships are designed for high schoolers and there are a variety of things you can do to make yourself a more competitive applicant. Read on to learn how to secure the most money you can through scholarships. 

Scholarships are the top choice for collegiate financial aid because there is no repayment required. Scholarships are free money to go towards your tuition and fees. 

Each scholarship program has its own eligibility requirements and selection process. In most cases, you need to meet the stated criteria and apply for the award by the deadline. For a scholarship with a minimal application, you may only need to supply your name, contact information, and age. 

Some scholarship programs require high school seniors to have a certain GPA, submit a personal essay or creative work, or show that they’ve performed community service. Others are based on athletic achievements, and some are awarded more like prizes or drawings, which you can win simply by being chosen randomly.

Apply Now. There are plenty of scholarships available to high school juniors and seniors, but many programs allow early applications, so you don’t have to wait until your senior year. The earlier you can start your search, the more chances you have of earning scholarship money.

See What’s Available. Some assume that scholarships are only available to high school athletes or students with exceptional academic performance, but those aren’t the only scholarships available.

A quick scholarship search online will show you countless opportunities and remember to keep an eye out for scholarships geared towards your unique talents or experiences.

Think Ahead. Many of the decisions you make in high school can affect your odds of winning merit scholarships, including the high school you attend. You can give yourself the best chance of getting chosen by making strategic decisions about your school, classes, and extracurriculars.

For example, did you know attending a smaller school can increase your likelihood of earning a scholarship? Some scholarships are awarded to one student per school, so choosing a school with smaller class sizes could mean less competition and more money for you.

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